Thursday, August 28, 2008

i love to cuddle in bed with my momma

we hadn't had a photo session in a long time, eh Mattie?

pulling mama's hair

maternity books say that you lose hair after giving birth - now I see why !
I love his face on the second picture!

Friday, August 22, 2008


I am amazed at all the things Mat did this week :
- he started grabbing his feet - so cute to see his tiny hands grabbing the toes.
- he started being interested in toys in his bed and eating them! So fun to watch!
- he started talking really loud.  It cracks us up.  I always wonder : what is he trying to say?
- he rolled over on his stomach all alone and then back on this back - wow! it is amazing to see the effort he puts into it...
- and the most extraordinary, he slept all night through - from 10 pm to 7h30 am!!! 
And when he woke up, he simply started his day by talking to himself for 20 minutes before we went to see him in his bed.  When he saw us, he greeted us with his great teethless smile!

Bravo Mattie! You win gold!

I guess I am feeling more secure too since I did not wake up once during the night.  I think it is my first full night in many months!!!! 


We had many plans for M's three weeks of vacation.  I can't find the list I had made but we did not get to do all the things we wanted to do because the weather was bad.  But now, a few days from M's going back to work, we are trying to put check marks on the few things we really wanted to do. 
M wanted to eat Chinese food.  
Two nights ago, we went to Chinatown.  
We always have supper very late.  I don't know why but we are never really hungry before 8. (Actually I know why : it is all the cakes, ice cream and cookies I eat in the afternoon!!)  So we left home at 7 and knew we were changing Mat's evening routine.  He could get grumpy and want to eat while we were at the restaurant or maybe he could cry because he gets annoyed when he sits in his car seat for too long.  We took a risk...

Mat was great. He had his eyes wide open for the street fair,  slept when we got to the restaurant and woke up just before we got our fortune cookies. We got home at 9h30, he ate and then went right to bed!

Oh ya, and something endearing happened : An old Chinese lady came to see us at the restaurant and gave me the thumbs up sign while she was looking at Mat and she patted my cheek.  Not a word was spoken but I felt proud and grateful for what she implied.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Daddy M's entry

As I lay in my favorite place in the house....the hammock, watching Tan & Mat playing together, I've decided to write a few words on the love I have for my son and how great a mother Tanja is.
It's stronger than anything I've ever experienced, it's indescribable. When I wake up every morning to Mateo's chirping sounds(I like to believe that he's calling me) and walk up to his crib to see his big brown eyes smiling at's heavenly!
But what makes my heart melt is the bond Tanja and Mateo have, especially while she's breast feeding, it's the way Mateo looks at his M.O.M. with admiration, it's her patience and dedication to her son, it's the way she talks, plays and kisses him continuously. You are such an amazing and admirable mother.....a great example to everyone and for that I love you so!!!
I can't wait to see how the rest of our lives develops...


Friday, August 15, 2008

finally a nice set

If you are a mom, you know how hard it is to take great pictures with your baby.
This set, I really like!
Usually, I try to take pictures of us myself but today I asked M and he said : ok, I'll take pictures of you guys.
Lately, I have been neglecting my looks a little bit.  I always tie up my hair (my mom who is my private hairdresser does not live as close as she used to - to M's despair) and I wear flat shoes all the time.  But this morning, I put on nice clothes, put high heels on (ouch!) and my hair was great so it HAD to be picture time. As if I need an excuse !

he looks at the camera

his features are becoming more definite - he does not have the new-born look anymore.
Who does he look like? Me or M? 
I think he looks like my brother Mouli!
Those eyes - wow !

I'm 3 months old

the second picture of the series.
see below for the first. Have I changed?

buddha was hot

last week we had one day (yes, only one!) where it was summerlike - we decided to let Mat hang out naked!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

between 2 and 3 months

He started :
-babbling real loud -  I am sure he will talk soon - ya, really!
-sleeping longer at night - sometimes, he wakes up for the first time at 4 or 5 am!
- started wearing clothing for one year olds!
- smiling a lot - we love it!
- being grumpy when he gets into the car seat

and more:
- he reached the 16 pound mark
- he took his first shower with M
- he took his first walk in the forest

We are loving every step of the way...

blondie and brownie

We went to visit my brother, Karine and funny Maika this weekend. 
Our babies met for the first time.  Maika screamed when she saw Mateo.  He got scared and started crying.  They did not get to spend that much time together since babies sleep a lot...but I know they will have fun playing together in the future.

My brother and Karine brought us to a delicious Thai restaurant for dinner and the next day to Paillard, a wonderful place for extraordinary sandwiches! Thank you again !! Est-ce que je vous avais dit à quel point c'était bon? :)

M and I stayed at the Alt Hotel which was also very cool.