Monday, December 29, 2008

super star

in a few days, it's a New Year.
A year of big changes for you my wonderful boy.
Hope you are always healthy and happy.

Mateo is not feeling well

Mateo has a big big cold - that Mommy caught too because her system is a bit low ( not sleeping for more than 5 hours in a row takes its toll after a few months!)
The house has been calm for a few days - Daddy finds it boring...and he has to do so many more chores...
But the sky will be brighter tomorrow - we can see it in Mattie's eyes already!
Get well my baby.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

they finally met!

We had been waiting for this time for a few months now : for Elias and Mateo to finally meet!

They did not get to spend that much time together : Mateo was in everybody's arms and Elias was sleeping a lot ( he is such a difficult baby Annona!!) or spending time in the shade.

I think the moms look a bit tired on this picture but we can see that they were so happy to see each other again.

Miss you Annona.  Kisses to E.

your parents Mat

Our Wedding Day - December 10th 2008.
So many people close to our heart were with us  - that's why it was so special, that's why we are so lucky.

You were there too Mattie.  
When you are older, I am sure you will laugh looking at the pictures of you.  Mommy dressed you up in an outfit similar to Daddy's. You looked stunning!

I still need a few days to process the whole emotion...there are so many things to say but I don't know where and how to start...


i love pictures with Mat. Love this one : so spontaneous! 
Okay, okay, I was posing a bit but it still looks natural don't you think?
M surprised me during the holidays and offered to take pictures of us!
He also wanted me to take pictures of him and Mat.  People DO change.

a different nose to chew on

Mat likes to eat his daddy's nose -maybe the size has something to do with it :)
And I thought Mat only liked dad's nose since he never chews on mine...Wrong! He found another nose to drool on!
Love it!


when I saw these colored bars I knew that my camera would go hunting for them...
they remind me of my life with Mat : lots of colours, lots of sun and full of surprises

Sunday, December 21, 2008

love and smiles

Daddy did not want pictures of him on this blog but I don't think he will mind...
It took Mommy hundreds of pictures to get this perfect shot!

I love my Dad! I spent so much time with him in Mexico. I will miss him when he will go back to work... 

it was my anniversary

every month, every week, every day I am doing new things.

What I started doing while I was in Riviera Maya :
- grinning in a new way
- holding my sippy cup with one firm hand
- climbing everything - chairs, Dad...
- taking longer naps - 2 hours!
- having a more regular poo
- getting rid of my eczema (thanks to the sun!)
- standing up in bed
- wanting to walk
- eating fruits with more appetite - apple and pears!
- showing my character more when things did not go my way...
- and of course, gaining weight.  I think I weigh 25 pounds now! 

It was a big month!

I'm back!

We just came back from Mexico last night! (I enjoyed the airplane ride - did not cry once!)
I loved the sun - I even got a tan on my legs although my mom put on 70 baby sunscreen!
I tried the pool but the water was too cold.  I wanted to go in the see but the sun was always too hot.
What more can I tell you?
I had a different bed there - it was comfortable.  I slept in onesies.  I  had naps in Dad's arms everyday. Did not try Mexican food since I am still breastfeeding and eating cereal. I had a great yellow stroller.
Mexican women were crazy about me.  Every time I was with Dad all the girls stopped to talk to me.  They all wanted to hold me and kiss me.  I like it there!