Friday, July 24, 2009


Dear Mateo,
Mommy and Daddy are leaving for Punta Cana tomorrow. 
We will miss you so.  You can't even imagine how much!
It's only when you will have children one day that you will understand how much parents can miss their children...
We plan to have a lot of fun, to get out of our routine, to read, to take some sun, to take some pictures, to eat lot of food (mommy likes buffets!), to hang out, to sleep in (yeah!)....and of course to talk about you and how great you are.
We will think of you all the time.
You will have a great time with your grandparents. 
Love you so much

maman et papa

sometimes we're serious, sometimes we're not!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

so I don't forget

a few things to share about Mateo (he will be 14 months in a few days)

1) out of 7 nights, he sleeps 3 the whole night through - the other four, I end up sleeping is his room on a mattress on the floor

2) he wears size 21 shoes

3) he loves liquid yoghourt 

4) he is more attracted to boy and men than girls - you should see him with Daddy, Opa, Zouzou, and he is completely in love with Charles-Alexandre

5) his voculary words are : ehhhh, teden, pepe, mama and papa

6) he loves to look at books and to be read to

7) he cannot go to sleep without his dog Caramel (that he chews to death!)

8) at night time, he wants to be only with me - daddy don't even try to come into my room!

9) he reacts to every child we see by saying ehhhhhh

10) he loves music and knows every button on every toy he has that has music and dances to it!

11) he initiates games himself : He looks at us, then crawls super fast, takes a pause to look at us and then expects us to run after him.

12) he can imitate the sounds of lions, dogs, fish, cars, planes and helicopters.  The one that he can't do although we keep repeating the sound is : cats! But that's okay (m and I we don't like cats at all!)

...that's all I can think of for now...


Mateo always surprises us with different foods that we think he won't like but that he tries and loves!
The other day, he did not want to eat anything so we tried to give him some of our lunch : a tuna spread sandwich (with ginger and green onion!) and he loved it! 
We couldn't believe it!
And tonight, at Zouzou and Lily's house, he ate half of a fresh nectarine - opening his mouth wide like a big boy!
Guess what mom is buying at the grocery store next time.

your mom the crazy one!

we have a problem!

I am guilty I know.  Since Mat is born I have been biting him out of love (like on this picture I found!).  I have been biting quite hard.  Mat has never cried.  So I continued biting.  I couldn't stop.  It was too good.  His whole body is a candy! 
But the problem is that he learned from us and he also bites!  When he is happy or excited he bites us in the leg or in the neck. It's okay if he bites only daddy or mommy (and he bites Oma too) but I wouldn't want him to bite other children...

m misses m

Papa is away in Florida for a few days and he is thinking about Mat a thousand times a day I am sure.  If he listened to himself, he would call at least 10 times a day...but you can't talk for now Mattie...
Soon, you two will have the talks daddy is so longing for...

a passion for engines

Matito loves cars, fire trucks, motorcycles, buses...
Every time he sees one his eyes become so big!
And he imitates the sound of the motor.  We find it so funny.  
He is a real boy!
This is to prove that from childhood there are already huge differences between boys and girls.