Friday, September 26, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This week, we went to see our pictures at this cool space.  (they are great !!! it was so hard to choose because so many were nice - will show them here soon!). 
We (my mom and I ) left at 5h45, went to pick up Teta Lily and then met on Saint-Laurent with auntie Jojo and godfather Elias.  Mateo was doing fine - breast fed a bit at the studio,  watched the pictures with us, was cuddled by everyone.  He was hanging out like little babies do... And then we got into the car and oh boy !! He does not like his car seat - we know that already - but this time, he started screaming, screaming and screaming.  His eyes were popping out and bubbles were coming out of his mouth - not the greatest and most relaxing thing when mommy is driving.  My mom was in the back trying to calm him and Teta was talking him too but he did not care. I thought he would calm down with the motion of the car but it just got worst.  I had to take an exit midway home and take him out of his seat, breast feed him again...When we drove off again, he fell asleep. I guess he was exhausted from all the crying.  It was quite an adventure !

yes, he has a moustache!

it's called a Stash - new word for mommy !

that stare!

here we can see that you can sometimes have an attitude.  This week you are starting to show more of your colours...Hummmm....temperamental sometimes! Like M? :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

went to see the doctor

you saw Dr. Nemme today.  He is so nice, so gentle.  You should see the way he looks at you, touches you and kisses you...Thank you Nana for referring us to such a nice man!

You got two vaccines today and you were such a strong dude.  We can't even say that you cried (do 4 seconds count?!).  Mommy read that if she breast fed you at the same time you wouldn't feel the pain.  It worked ! 

You now weigh almost 19 pounds - like a 7 month-old-baby! Go figure!

We had many questions for the doctor :
- you cough a lot - is that normal? Yes
- you already stand on your feet - is it okay to hold you standing? Yes
- when will you move out of you baby car seat? Soon!
- Should you start eating cereal soon? No
- Should we wait to put you in the high chair? Yes, you are not starting to eat yet...
- Is it okay to put in the saucer? No - not more than a few minutes a day.

Thank you Doctor!

this is how I feel

every day I spend with you...

favourite picture of all times

can't wait to take a picture of you like this - in white undies or even with your diaper...
I know it won't be in wonderful Turkey but it will be somewhere hot...

this is a picture of my heart

since you have come into my life

you are...

...soothing like a hot summer day
 fun and cheerful like a Mexican pinata
surprising and colourful like these vending machine treats!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

not there yet but close

I was never worried about losing the weight but I am proud to say ( I should not say proud since I did not put any effort into it...) that four months after Mat's arrival I am back to my "normal" weight!  I say it is thanks to breast feeding...
I would not wear a bikini right now since I need to train a bit before but the objective is close.

My objective for the fall : start swimming again and take long walks with Mat at the Boucherville Islands.  We went walking this week.  Mat loves the fresh air. The air was crisp and the leaves are turning yellow already.  I am so sad to say goodbye to the summer.


many curious readers

wanted to know more about M...
I am "allowed" to put pictures of him as long as we don't really recognize him.
I think this picture is a good camouflage :)
This is your daddy Mat!

bought Comic Life for you Mat!

ok, bought it for myself but it is to play with pictures of you!
don't know why but I am crazy about how these pictures are transformed  - I love the high contrast of red, yellow, turquoise and black! Just wonderful to my eyes!
I wish the house had more walls so I could put more pictures of you!

Monday, September 8, 2008


this blog is mainly about cool pictures of Mat but today I thought I would just write something without having a set idea of what I would write about...Sometimes, it is good not to have a plan or a written draft and just let random thoughts and my fingers lead the way...
All I know is that I love to write about my son...
I feel so blessed to have Mat. 
So lucky that he is healthy, so lucky that he is growing every day.
At night I go to bed and I feel so happy to know that when I wake up I will see him again. 
In only three months and a half (almost four) he has changed our lives:
I don't see M the same way anymore - he is not only my partner but also Mat's dad.
I don't see our relationship the same way anymore - it is stronger since we share this love for Mat.
I don't see myself the same anymore - I think more about him than I think about me.
I see the world with all the things I want Mat to discover.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

more on Mat's christening

Too cute!
Mat sitting in front of his cake with his picture one it ! 
It was so nice to see all the children around Mat at the church.  They were intrigued.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Mateo's baptism

What I will remember from this special day:
- the warm sun
- the beautiful ritual in church
- Father Anthony
- the bathrobes the godparents had to wear
- Father Anthony cutting Mateo's hair (but why?!)
- all the children around Mateo in church, looking at him and curious about all the things that were happening...
- how happy Joanne and Elias were - the picture illustrates it well!
- Mateo's calm character throughout the day.  I love you Mateo. 
- the family and friends who came to celebrate with us - thank you !!!
- the delicious food - Thank you Gaby, Mommy, Lily, Zouzou and Nadine!
- Mateo's cake with his picture on the icing - so cool!
- the party favors: portuguese pastel de nata - yam!
- the so so many gifts - I feel so overwhelmed with everyone's generosity...

It was a GREAT day !
- more pictures to come in the days ahead...

colourful mateo