Tuesday, November 25, 2008

see you in a month!

my mom is really busy for the next two weeks so there is no time to write posts about me...
she is taking care of me, working and getting ready for the wedding...
if anything really special happens, she might write...
do not worry - she will have good stories to tell and tons of pictures too when she comes back from Mexico!
hasta pronto!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008


you can roll over easily from one side to another
you like to drink water
you do not like the bottle
you do not use pacifiers
you cry when we wake you up
you smile when we dance for you
you recognize your name
you still wake up once during the night to drink
you are super nosy and look around every where
you like to fall asleep in daddy's arms but never in mine
you like rice cereal but not carrots, sweet potatoes, corn, zucchini, apples and bananas! (that's all the things I tried up to now but you are not interested!)
you poop only every four days (!)
you feel the most comfortable when you are at home
you still do not like being in your cat seat - we bought you a bigger one but it still does not do the trick (!)
you like it when we blow air on your face
you like taking a bath - and you love showers too
you put everything in your mouth
you had your first cold this week
you like to lay in bed with us - and you like it with Oma too!
you still like to play with your hands
you have a little rash on your armpits
you like to go to bed late (10PM)
and you wake up late (8h30) - we like that!
you like to stare
you like music


Last Thursday and Friday, I went to Qu├ębec for work.  I love to go to Speaq every year.  I get to see everyone (which is so nice and energizing!) and I also get the chance to give workshops (with my buddy Isabelle- it was great!).
This year, it was possible thanks to Oma and Opa because they came with us Mattie! It was hectic but it all worked out : breast feed - cocktail - sleep - breast feed - workshop - breast feed - business lunch - breast feed - workshop - breast feed...
My parents made it possible by waiting for me every where I asked them to : at the hotel room, at the lobby, at the workshop, at the restaurant...
I know it was a bit boring for them...so : Thank you!

And you, Mattie, you were a champion (as always!)  - except for the ride home - you cried for almost an hour...
Mama's patient so it was not so bad after all...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

happy birthday daddy!

Hi Daddy!
I love you!
Thank you for waking up with me every morning while mommy is sleeping.
Thank you for playing with me every day.
Thank you for talking to me on the phone.
Thank you for encouraging and applauding me every time I do new things.
Thank you for all the great songs.
Thank you for the dances.
Thank you for the diaper changes.
Thank you for the showers I sometimes take with you.
Thank you for everything you do with me.  

and by the way : Da-da-da-da-da-da-da! 

It is so fun to spend time with you.
Have a great day!
Your son

drinking from a sippy cup!

What colour is your world?

Mamma was supposed to be on maternity leave for one full year but since very nice projects are coming her way (6 months in advance!) she is deciding to start now! I can work from home and get to plunge into the universe of children.  So nice! So different! I went to Chapters for books and new ideas.  I found this one that I might even use...

My world is pink, orange, red, yellow, white...somedays it is a bit blue, green, other days it is purple and seldomly is it grey or brown and it is never black. 

I hope your life Mattie is like a rainbow - a little bit of everything...

exploring with the stroller

got this great idea from this book (Keri Smith's books are always so cool!) : will collect things we find during our walks... 
What will we find Mattie?
We'll do it just for the fun of it! And we'll keep a few pieces...It will be a museum of our unique world.
"At any given moment, no matter where you are, there are hundreds of things around you that are interesting and worth documenting."

Monday, November 3, 2008

who does he look like?

me as a baby or M as a baby?

he is finally taking naps

strangely enough Mat has not been a baby who likes to take naps.  He would spend the whole day playing his toys, playing with me or just hanging out on the floor, or on his mat, or in his blue chair or in his bed...but sleeping, forget it! He would get tired during the day and cry a bit but he did not want to sleep...Unless he was in the car of course where he always falls asleep or if he is in M's arms, my mom's arms or Lily's arms...but in my arms : never!  I excite him too much - eh, can you blame him? :) 
He started napping last week so I thought it was worth mentioning.  At the age of 5 months and a half!!
It is crazy how much stuff I got done this morning while he was sleeping : taking a shower, folding some clothes, working, eating lunch, writing these posts, getting our stuff ready for when he wakes up and we go for a walk! Incredible! I like those naps!

couldn't help it

yes, yes, I know! It is way too early to pack for the vacation but I couldn't help it....I just wanted to have an idea of how much stuff baby stuff I could fit in my carry-on for the plane.  I could barely fit in the diapers and few pairs of shorts.  Baby stuff takes so much room! I thought : everything is so small - it will squeeze in easily but it doesn't!
And mamma has a LOT of stuff she wants to bring.  It's a wedding after all! And we are staying two weeks!  So many pairs of shoes and tops...more than usual. What am I gonna do? Lily offered some space in her luggage and I am sure my mom will too... 

getting ready for hot weather

went to check for baby car seats yesterday at Babies R Us (since he has already outgrown the new-born one) but instead of buying a seat, we bought some new onesies to get him ready for Mexico.
I can't wait to see him sleeping under a palm tree with the warm breeze caressing his body.