Sunday, September 13, 2009

and blog #2

it was a busy night! made sure that this one was coming out also :

new blog #1

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a blog on journaling - if it interests you...

and new blog #2 should be coming soon.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

saying good-bye

Saying good-bye is never easy...but I feel it is now the time for it...

I want to go on with other projects that have been tickling my mind....and I am writing a new book (for primary this time!).

When I look back, I realize that I wrote quite a lot of pages.  I wrote 329 posts ! I will cherish this home-made book that I printed out. (I will have to make a copy and give it to someone just in case.)  

A lot of people have told me : My God, you spent so much time and so much energy on it....but I don't feel that way at all...I have always written at the end of the day, as a way of unwinding....It never felt has something I had to do...I just wanted to do all the time!

For my reading fans, don't worry, I will come back for sure...but I don't know exactly when and how...Come back once in while to check for my new blog....

This picture represents well how this last year has been.  An explosion of new emotions! Having a baby changes you in many ways.  You appreciate life so much more and realize how fragile equilibrium is...

Before saying farewell I want to thank my lovely husband M.  Your support to write this blog has been great and I know you will miss reading it from your office in the basement...And without the great camera you bought me (you always buy me great gifts in the end!) this blog would not have been the same.  (Personally, I never like to read blog which don't have pictures...)
Thank you for being in my life.

But most of all, I want to thank the Universe, God, the Stars (whatever you want to call it) for having put little wondeful, beautiful Mateo in my life.


Mommy Tan

mommy in NY

Would never have thought of taking a picture with Donald before...but I knew you would like this...
Mommy had a great time and thought of you all the time!
Daddy had a good time with you too!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a great Sunday

We went to visit baby Angela for the first time last Sunday. (Congratulations! She is so tiny and looks so much like Jeff!!)

Surely a girl you will kiss in a few years Mat.  Uncle Jeff is already worried...

Sandra looks amazing - almost no sign of a belly anymore and it was only a month ago !!!
The baby room is wonderful and so is their house.
They just bought a new boat and we went for a ride together.  
We had a wonderful afternoon.

Without knowing it, I dressed Mateo for the occasion - see on the back of his t-shirt : Out to Sea!

Monday, August 10, 2009


no picture yet to prove it but Mateo is walking!
that means I will stop writing soon...but I have an idea for a new blog...
details will come...

a list of nicknames

I realized not too long ago that Mateo has many nicknames.
While I just have Tan or Tani, he has :


a new picture to make me dream

One day...

If is not in your favourites yet, put it now!  


I love to blog that's for sure.
I've always like to journal my thoughts, plans and emotions.
Writing your life makes it more intense since you live it twice.
Journalling is very private but blogging is so different since it is so public.  This brings a discipline to my writing.  Family and friends read me and that's why I want to write all the time...
What fun it has been to write about Mateo.  It is so easy to talk about the things we are passionate about...
I have said that I wrote this blog for Mateo but actually I wrote it for me.  It was so interesting doing it and such a great hobby and a great way to relax at the end of the day.
I thank M for buying me a great camera to capture the great moments of this past year.
I thank life for having put Matito in my life.
I still don't know when Mat will read this blog.  Will I wait until he is 18? I doubt it.  I don't think I will be able to wait so long before giving it to him.  Will I make him read it after a big fight we will have when he will be a teenager? At 12? 14?  When will it be the best time? I don't know. I just hope he likes it...

jojo and mateo

they look alike!

laughing his head off

silly things make him laugh

our small family


what did he see?

I don't know...
Looks scary...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

and summer is not even finished...

baby shoes cost almost more than my shoes and they don't last that long.

Oma sent it to us

We received this nice picture from Oma when we were away.
What a smile!
Thank you so much mom and dad for babysitting! 

while we were gone

This is one of the pictures that we had on my camera while we were away.  I think we looked at it 2o times!
Mateo eating corn-on-the-cob on his own!

a letter

It is 5h30 PM.  The sun is still shining on my body but the heat is bearable now.  
I have a notebook and a pen in my hand.
I have always liked to write letters to friends when I am away on holiday, but this time around, I decided to write to you Matito.

Dear Mateo,
Just wanted to tell you that Daddy and I are at the beach.
We hope you do not miss us too much.  Had you noticed that we were gone? 
Not an hour goes by without us mentioning your name and talking about the great things you do.
We are so proud of you.
We can't wait to see you!

we are back home!

Mat, we missed you so much!
You cannot imagine!
We had a great week in the sun but life is much better with you!
I don't know if we will leave you again for a complete week.  It is too hard.  Next year, you will be old enough to come with us...
Last night, when we arrrived we were so excited to climb up the stairs and admire you in your crib.  We were dying to bite you and wake you up.
This morning, at the first little movement in your bed, we went to see you and I think you were surprised to see us.
We spent an hour cuddling in bed.  It was so fun - felt so warm.
We plan to kiss you all week - whether you like it or not!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Dear Mateo,
Mommy and Daddy are leaving for Punta Cana tomorrow. 
We will miss you so.  You can't even imagine how much!
It's only when you will have children one day that you will understand how much parents can miss their children...
We plan to have a lot of fun, to get out of our routine, to read, to take some sun, to take some pictures, to eat lot of food (mommy likes buffets!), to hang out, to sleep in (yeah!)....and of course to talk about you and how great you are.
We will think of you all the time.
You will have a great time with your grandparents. 
Love you so much

maman et papa