Thursday, June 25, 2009

our man

starting to get a tan this little bugger.  His hands are darker than mine!

we tried

We decided to go for drinks at Vince and Mariette's house the other night.
We thought we could put Mateo to bed there but, oh boy, our plan did not work well.
Mateo was wondering what the heck he was doing lying on the floor.  
He just wanted to play.
Juliano was not sleeping either and sneaking out of his room!
So we decided to let him stay with us until 10 and we were sure he would fall asleep - which he didn't of course!
At 10h30 he was still wide awake watching our wedding video!
We finally left, he fell asleep in the car after crying for a while and then woke up again once we transferred him in his bed!
What a night!
I think he finally fell asleep at 11h45!
Not a good idea we had.
But hey, we tried!

how does this thing work?

shall I have hamburgers or steaks tonight?
Mateo following the footsteps of his dad!

not by you mommy.

mateo is not a big eater.
occasionally, he will surprise us and eat a lot but most of the time, we have to serve and try many things before he decides to swallow a few bites. You should see the table at the end of the meal (M and I call it the "buffet"). 
his favourite foods are bread and yoghourt.
but last weekend, we discovered that he eats better if a child feeds him.
he was eating everything Juliano was giving him : chips, crackers...
and here you see him eating chocolate ice cream fed by princess Alexandra!
Oh well...
We'll have to hire a child to come and feed him...

Monday, June 22, 2009

I don't take that many pictures anymore...

but I found a new cool toy on my computer : THE camera!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

my new cabana boy

Mateo loves to do all the chores around the house.
When I vacuum, he follows me around and wants to grab the stick.
When I wash the floor, he wants to grap the mop.
When we planted the flowers, he wanted to give a hand.
Let's hope it stays that way...
Wouldn't it be great that he likes to do the dishes!

playing hide and seek

Coucou Papa!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

who's the craziest?

shaving with Opa

My mom bought Mateo a babygrow that says "What goes on at grandma's stays at grandma's".
This is the proof  that a lot of experiments happen on Louis XV street!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mom's favourite season

I remember writing my wish list for summer 2008 not too long again and here is summer knocking at the door again.
I want to :
- Tan!!! Did not have the time to do it last summer and neither at our wedding!
- Do lots of creative things - don't know what exactly but I'm sure I will find ideas...
- Spend time with my friends and family.  
- Get back in better shape.
- Try fresh recipes.
- Create great activities and tools for teachers.
- Spend a lot of time outside with Mat.
- Spend less time on the computer.
- Spend a lot of time with my hubby M!
- and of course, eat lots of icecream. Roberto here I come...

Mateo - revisited

love those teeth!

Mateo looks Egyptian

: here is the proof! I found these pictures on Flickr ...
I often tell M that Mateo would fit right in the streets of Cairo!

an angel sleeping

at Oma's and Opa's.
My mom has always liked to take pictures of us (Moul and I) when we were sleeping...
The tradition continues.

Does not look like a baby anymore this little dude...

up date

-Mat is waking up less and less during the night
-Naps are easier than before
- Eating more things, like cauliflower for example and yoghurt
- Pointing at things to show us what he wants
- Showing so much affection
- Says Pa-pa, Pa-pa...but never Ma-ma (snif!)
- Is so happy when he gets to play splash-splash in the bathtub
- Is wearing 18 months old clothes
- Laughs a lot and wants to play all the time

We could not ask for more...