Sunday, May 24, 2009

I know it's silly...

but I just had to share it : I am back into 34B! I am so excited!
The bras look so small to me now - and they fit!
I danced around this morning so happy I was! M though it was funny!

thinking of you

Instead of an e-mail, I thought I could write to you here since I know you come and visit every day.
Thinking of you!
Tried to find pictures to portray Ireland.  Is that castle really in Killarney? Did we visit it? :)
I miss you.
Hope you are doing well and baby Elias too!
Have a great week and don't work too late!

Thank YOU!

Thank you for coming to my party! 
Thank you for the great gift, for the smiles, for the games we played, for the cakes, for the time, for the birthday cards, for the balloons, for the clothes, for both parties, for the kisses...
Thanks for being there - to all of you!

Mateo xx

now, how cute is he!!

in a serious mode that day.

our superstar

another cake he did not like...

At his second party, we tried another type of cake.  
Maybe it was the chocolate he did not like the first time, but he does not like carrot either!
Look at his face!
Oh well!


Mateo is so affectionate! I love that of him!

Maika and Mateo taking a bath

I love the way Maika looks at Mateo.
My brother came over last weekend and we had a nice time with the kids.
It was fun to see them together.
Mateo wanted to get her attention all the time...

he slept right through !

Yesterday, we had a little party for Mat's birthday again - my parents were back from Germany and godfather Elias was back. 
We had a really nice afternoon. It was sunny.  Daddy, François and Zouzou set up the new play house.
Then, Oma and Opa left with our baby to spend the FIRST night away from home.  

Mommy and Daddy, although they finally had a night off, went to bed early (although we did go to the cinema....ah! that was so nice!)  and did not sleep that well.  All night we were wondering : Is he okay? Is he crying? Is Oma freaking out with the cries? Will Mat be traumatized?

This morning, we woke up at 7h40 - not any later than usual - and we waited before 8h10 before calling (just in case the night was bad and that my mom and Mateo were still sleeping) and I asked : So, how was the night?
My mom answered : I know you won't believe me but HE NEVER WOKE UP ONCE.  He slept right through !!!
- That little bugger - in ONE year, yes ONE year wih us - he never did that !!
What happened?
We don't know!
A mystery!
He is sleeping over again tonight! - we wanted to do test again.
I can't wait to call my mom tomorrow morning to see how it went...

funny and original Élisabeth

your cousin is full of life Mateo - just like you.  I'm sure you will be the best of buddies !

he likes the fridge!

Most of the time we say NO, but sometimes we just give in and we let him open the fridge and go through the stuff.  We don't know why but he loves it.  When we shut the door, he cries or gets upset!

the mobile in his room

it has a little golden fish and a big octopus that Mateo likes to grab...

mateo and lily

they like to play!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

a cake story - part 1

Hello guys!  It was my birthday yesterday.  We had a little party going on....

I hear my mom whispering in the background.  
Auntie Joanne already started taking pictures of me.  
I am sitting in my high chair but I already had supper a while ago.  
What is going on?
Okay, here comes my mom with a funny brown thing.  Does not look like puree to me!  
Everyone is singing.  
My cousin Éli is trying to blow out my candle.
What are they doing?
Everyone is looking at me and cheering.
Essaie mon amour! C'est ton gâteau Mateo! Goûte-y!
I'm really not sure about this....
"Try it my love", says auntie Nadine.  

a cake story - part 2

No, I don't like it mom!
"Come on", says Gedo.
 It is really good!
My mom went back to the kitchen to cut a little piece for me.  
Maybe that will work she thought.  
Okay, I'll try again Mom.  
Let's touch it.  
Mmmm...the texture is pretty nice but...
No, I don't want to eat this! Can you get it out of my face?!! Please!
"Don't cry!", said my mommy.
Let's put a fancy hat on.  
It's your birthday!!!

once in a while

my mommy Tanja takes a really cool picture.
My mouse car and me!

Friday, May 15, 2009

happy birthday Matito!

I had a great day!
More stories to come...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

my first mother's day!

I feel so priviledged to be his mom.

Happy news : he is ALMOST walking!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

you can finally leave a comment!

Dear blog followers : many of you have tried to leave messages for Mat or for me - without any success.
I finally went into my settings and I think I fixed the problem.
You have to log in as anonymous.

a dream M had...

When Mat was born M had a dream of me wearing a red dress with white polka dots.
Since then, I have been trying to find that dress - still haven't.
But yesterday, I came closer : I came across this picture on flickr.
Shoes are not as romantic as a dress but I am hoping that this picture will attract the dress.
Images have power.  
Let's see how long it takes before I find it...

results of our photo session

Mateo sleeping in his stroller.
Playing with all the mirrors we have in the house.
New blocks Daddy bought. Mateo still does not understand how to play with them.  He just wants to throw them on the floor.
Another game that Daddy bought.  Putting the right shapes into the holes.  Still does not get that either...It will come...
His favourite buddy : Diego.

a bit sick

Mateo has been under the weather these last weeks.
Runny nose (as you can see), loss of appetite.
I hope you feel better soon baby....

baby you can drive my car!

he loves Daddy's car!

great ideas

Two days ago, we received a nice big package with a handwriting that I know so well : Annona!
It knew it was a gift for Mattie.  

In the box, I found :
- a very cool painting outfit - to paint with Mommy of course - Mat likes the feel of it - he likes to bite it.
- a fun hat to cover the neck from the sun rays - finally something that is not blue! Yeah !!!
- very colourful swimming trunks with sharks on them.
- and little bag to put the wet swimming trunks in them! Even good for mom's bikini!

Merci BEAUCOUP chérie!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009