Saturday, February 28, 2009

fun colours!

I have received boxes and boxes of clothing from family and friends for Mateo that it would be silly to shop for more clothes...but now when I go shopping I surprise myself looking at the boys stuff anyways.  I always resist though - but M doesn't! I think it is cool that M likes to buy his boy clothes.
Spring is coming up.  I am sure M will come back with a shopping bag soon.
Let's hope there is something for Mommy in the bag too!! hi! hi!

eating his bed!

mommy is going back to work

on Monday!
I know it is only part-time but I feel sad to leave Mateo.
I love to spend my days with him.
I will miss his face, his smiles, his little body crawling around every where in the house.
I will even miss the things he is not supposed to do like : destroying the magazines he finds, chewing on the remote control, opening the cupboards, trying to get in the dishwasher, putting his hands in the toilet bowl....
I am excited to help teachers again, have an office, dress up for work (does that mean shopping ?!), have colleagues, go for lunch...but I know that I will think about Mat every 10 minutes!
Who knew I would be so in love with this little munchkin...

first "children" outing

I know that Mateo will never remember going to the Botanical Garden since he is only 9 months old but we thought it would be a nice family outing.
I had never been - believe it or not! - and it was beautiful. I was so happy I brought my camera.
Mateo was amazed by the hundreds of butterflies flying around - look at his face!
We had a great day since we were with Gaby, Verica, Alex and Junior 
We went for lunch at Milano's! (I love this place so much! - I wish I had taken a picture of my panino too!)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

a new baby "in the family"

so exciting!
we heard the great news last week!
we are so happy for you!
Sandra was already pregnant in Mexico..
you will be great parents!
Sandra is bubbly and spontaneous - baby will have a lot of fun with you!
And Jef will be great too!  He and baby will be drinking their favourite drink together soon : milk!

surfing the net for beautiful pictures

i prefer reading blogs than watching tv.
this is a great picture that I will try to take with Mat...
we haven't had a photo session in quite a while.  
it's a project for the week : new poses!


3 teeth are out! yeah!


our boy has quite a strong character.
on our night table we have books laying around and everyday when he is about to grab them, we tell him : "no, don't touch Mateo!".
I think we have said "no" already 100 times (no joking!), but every time we say "no", he grunts, screams or cries...
Mommy is quite stubborn and Daddy too : like parents - like son?

cereal, minigo and fruit puree

...but vegetables he still does not like!
We try every day!

it must be spring in my head

I don't know what it is but I am in decorating mood.
At night when I have a bit of insomnia I make all these plans in my head : this wall could be orange, this wall could have funky wallpaper, this lamp could be changed, this table we should get rid of....
In the spring, when we can open the windows again, I want to paint my office (or should I say I will ask my dad to paint my office...:))
But then I catch myself also wanting to make my office Mat's new room.  It would be a great boy's room.  
I sighed when I saw this great room on another blog....isn't simple and beautiful?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

read from bottom up

That's enough now!
Daddy, why are you holding my head?

I'm patient! 
Don't like this anymore... It is tickling everywhere!

I'm a real man! Can you believe I'm only nine months old! Look at my hair !!!
What are you doing there Mister? I said not too short buddy!
Okay, what is going on?  I'm not too sure about this...What is that white thing around my neck?!
So apparently, I am here because my parents think my hair needs a trim...My mom wants me to have a professional cut...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

a cool new toy

from godfather Elias.
Mat broke it after a minute (he is so strong that boy!) - for now, it is on his dresser.  Love the colours! Thank you!

happy birthday

9 months today!
a flower for you Mat!
it is getting harder and harder to take picture of him as you can see...

winter photobooth

while we went for a walk but we just stopped by...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

mateo misses you

padrino, madrina
see you on Saturday

Oma...and Opa

I am going back to work in three weeks Mat.

The sexy blond woman is your nanny, your cool Oma.  She loves you a lot.  She will come over every week.  She will walk you, play with you, talk with you...
Yes, she will put you in weird clothes and will try to make you eat funny foods like mustard and olives just so she can laugh at your facial expressions...
When you are a bit older, she will babysit you overnight so Mommy and Daddy can have a bit of time together...
You will have a lot of fun with her - everybody does!

The great looking man is your Opa.  He loves you too.  He will babysit too( but a bit less since he is still busy with work) but he's the one who will make funny voices and sing to you a lot.  I hope he teaches you auto mechanics  (he would have liked me and your uncle Christian to be interested in car repairs..but we weren't) so that you can fix my car one day.:)


today, Dominique came to visit us Mattie. 
it was so nice. 
she is so nice.
you saw her last in November - you did not remember her anymore.  
you made a few funny faces at the beginning but then you were all smiles.  
she is so good with babies - makes funny voices, sings cool songs.
thank you for a great day.


it's a weird thing, I have had Mattie for almost nine months now and I still like to read pregnancy magazines - just bought one last week! (Plum)

read this great article : Journal of  a second-time mom 
and these two passages resonated with me :

"There's joy in everything these days, but also pangs of sadness.  Already I feel as though I,m saying goodbye to so many things, to this precious stage of my life and of my boy's life."

"I feel so privileged to have these vital moments of motherhood.  The ones where I soothe (Mateo) just by bringing him to my chest, our breaths finding a common rhythm as we settle back to sleep. The ones when the dark sky blushes pink and the city is still silent and still, except for me and my little boy, waiting for a new day to begin."

Sunday, February 8, 2009


(have been wanting to talk about this special necklace for a long time but I had problems with my Iphoto -don't know why- but here it is now)
My work colleagues offered it to me last time we went for breakfast. 
 I was so surprised, so touched.
On one pendant, there is mommy and daddy and hidden inside is our wedding date.
On the other pendant, there is Mateo.
And on the last, there is LOVE.  Nothing is possible without love.
Oh ya, and there is a beautiful turquoise stone - blue like the warm ocean that I love so much.

Thank you so much for this very thoughtful and beautiful gift!
Thank you Sharnee, Philippa and Cara! Love you!
It was Cara's idea - she found it on (a gold mine - so dangerous if you start shopping there!)

Happy Birthday Lily!

from Mateo, √Člisabeth and Charlie - your grandchildren
We miss you Teta.
sending love and warm wishes - from all of us 

Mateo loves Kenzo

he crawls towards him, grabs his thick fur and smiles when he walks by.
so cute!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

our boy is changing!

night time

Night time has been tough for the last month.
Mateo wakes up a few times a night.
We are trying to see why  :
is it separation anxiety?
is it his teeth?
is it manipulation on Mattie's side because he wants to sleep with us?
is he hungry?
We don't know.
M says to let him cry and Mom has a hard time doing that...
When we do let him cry, he can cry for hours (well, the max Mommy is able to take is one hour!)
For now, he just ends up in our bed at around 5 in the morning...
I know this is not the solution...
Let's hope this is just a phase like I have been trying to convince M.
In the meantime, more grey hair is growing on my head and dark circles under my eyes are definitely part of my new features now...
Oh well!