Saturday, August 29, 2009

saying good-bye

Saying good-bye is never easy...but I feel it is now the time for it...

I want to go on with other projects that have been tickling my mind....and I am writing a new book (for primary this time!).

When I look back, I realize that I wrote quite a lot of pages.  I wrote 329 posts ! I will cherish this home-made book that I printed out. (I will have to make a copy and give it to someone just in case.)  

A lot of people have told me : My God, you spent so much time and so much energy on it....but I don't feel that way at all...I have always written at the end of the day, as a way of unwinding....It never felt has something I had to do...I just wanted to do all the time!

For my reading fans, don't worry, I will come back for sure...but I don't know exactly when and how...Come back once in while to check for my new blog....

This picture represents well how this last year has been.  An explosion of new emotions! Having a baby changes you in many ways.  You appreciate life so much more and realize how fragile equilibrium is...

Before saying farewell I want to thank my lovely husband M.  Your support to write this blog has been great and I know you will miss reading it from your office in the basement...And without the great camera you bought me (you always buy me great gifts in the end!) this blog would not have been the same.  (Personally, I never like to read blog which don't have pictures...)
Thank you for being in my life.

But most of all, I want to thank the Universe, God, the Stars (whatever you want to call it) for having put little wondeful, beautiful Mateo in my life.


Mommy Tan


Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure to read you all the way. Thanks for those beautiful moments.
Isabelle G.

Anonymous said...

C'est une très belle fin. Tes posts me manqueront, ainsi que les photos de Mateo. Merci d'avoir partagé cela avec nous! ;) Love. Claude xx